Becoming a broker

We provide core skill development and the opportunity to be trained by leading experts in the field.


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Trainee Broker Programme

Our trainees start their development with a structured training programme.

We provide opportunities for core skills development and to be trained by leading experts in the field. If you are selected onto the scheme you will gain hands-on experience within one or more aspects of our business.

The process of developing you as a broker takes many years of dedicated input from both you and the Clarksons team.

Our culture and global network enables us to provide the perfect opportunity for you to become one of our most successful brokers. Above all, you will be trained and developed by the best.

"The scheme is not for the fainthearted and applicants will need to demonstrate knowledge in a subject relevant to and beneficial to shipbroking. You must demonstrate critical employability skills before being offered a permanent role as an entry-level shipbroker." 


HR Manager

Becoming a shipbroker

Shipbroking is a complex profession. Whilst there are no formal entry qualifications you will need to possess many skills and attributes just to be considered for an entry-level position. Even gaining a basic knowledge of the shipping industry takes time.

There are many aspects to the industry and you will need to do some research to help you choose your career path. Your research will also help you to appreciate the scale and depth of the profession - and, after all, being able to gather information is a hugely important part of being a broker. Gaining experience in the shipping industry wherever you can will help your career prospects and demonstrate your dedication.

Shipbroking is a demanding career and you will need to be extremely dedicated to succeed. In addition to hard work and commitment, you will need to have the right skills and personality - at the end of the day as much as being about ships, ours is a people business.

Successful careers in shipbroking begin with skilled counsel and guidance and our collective knowledge base is both wide and deep. This is one of the reasons we are successful in our field and why every year we look to hire talented individuals to become entry-level shipbrokers.

To be considered for an entry-level shipbroking employment opportunity you will need to be eligible under the Clarksons Trainee Broker Programme; or able to demonstrate that you have received technical training and relevant work experience in the shipping industry.

We only hire individuals who best demonstrate their commitment, talent and passion to become a successful member of our team.

All of our successful brokers are

recognised experts in their field.

They know how to develop

individuals who have the talent and

determination to become our next

generation of shipbrokers.

What we are looking for

Our Trainee Broker Programme is open to to school and college leavers, and those with experience in another role/industry looking for a career change. Although we are still committed to attracting exceptional graduate applications, we want to reach out to a more diverse pool of candidates and have therefore broadened our approach to recruitment.

Business-minded individuals with entrepreneurial skills are crucial for a broking role: for example, having the ability to deal effectively with clients and having a strong work ethic to do whatever it takes to produce results. We recognise that you may lack practical experience and we therefore concentrate on hiring people who best demonstrate the core elements of being a successful ship broker. 

Our trainees will be chosen based mainly on their:

Aspirations to become a ship broker

  • Lateral thinking/opportunity spotting/innovative ideas
  • Team working skills
  • Negotiating/influencing skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of ship broking.

"You will need to demonstrate that you have what it takes to become a successful broker, which will start with the first impression you make with your application. Our interviewing panel is keenly aware of the particular "it" factor they seek during the selection process."


Bob Knight, COO