Head of Training Delivery (Offshore Wind sector)

Head of Training Delivery (Offshore Wind sector)

Job ID:  4082
Department:  Agency
Category:  Port / Agency Operations

Warrington, GB

Employment Type:  Permanent

Company Overview

Trauma Resus, based in the UK with offices in the USA and Europe are leaders in the provision of high-quality pre-hospital and in-hospital care training, clinical governance, medical equipment and offshore medics. Founded in 2005, our mission is to enhance the standards of immediate medical care through comprehensive training programs, cutting-edge resources, and expert-led clinical governance.


At Trauma Resus, we are committed to empowering first responders, healthcare professionals, and organisations across various sectors with the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective medical intervention in critical situations.


Our team of highly experienced clinicians and educators is dedicated to delivering evidence-based training tailored to the unique needs of each client. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring that our training programs and services remain at the forefront of best practice in trauma care. With a focus on quality, reliability, and excellence, Trauma Resus has established itself as a trusted partner for organisations seeking to enhance their emergency preparedness and response capabilities. Our commitment to improving outcomes for individuals in critical situations drives us to continually expand our reach and impact.


Discover more at www.traumaresus.com


Trauma Resus is part of the Gibb Group who is the industry’s leading provider of PPE and MRO products and services as well as one of the energy sector’s most experienced, qualified suppliers. Available globally, our extensive product range is backed by in-house expertise that adds value and ensures our clients’ Offshore teams and assets are protected at all times.


Discover more at www.gibbgroupltd.com

Role Summary

Our aim is to be a global leader in the provision of medical, rescue and safety training and our head of training is pivotal to the success of this aim. The head of training will provide strategic and operational leadership to the training division and is responsible for the development and delivery of new training services.  Accountable to the chief operating officer they will have devolved responsibility for the effective, high-quality delivery of all training within the division. This role is for all training services delivered across the world.


What you’ll be doing


  • Develop and implement a comprehensive training strategy aligned with the organisation's objectives.
  • Drive the division of training towards our goal of being a leader in the delivery of medical, rescue and safety training.
  • Lead the division with professionalism and integrity in line with the company values.
  • Line manage the training manager, clinical lead for training and associate medical director for training.
  • Act as the recognised expert for all internal and external enquiries relating to training.

Business Development:

  • Expand and evolve the training services offered by Trauma Resus and the Gibb Group.
  • Identify, develop and bring to market new training opportunities.
  • Establish collaborative working relationships with key clients identifying opportunities to provide additional value and services.
  • Develop partnerships with academic institutions and other organisations to enhance the credibility and reach of the training programs.
  • Working with the head of business development deliver the training division income target.
  • Identify potential acquisition targets.

Service Delivery:

  • Ensure all training is delivered safely, effectively with high levels of participant satisfaction.
  • Responsible for the health and safety of training instructors and the training administration team.
  • Monitor the feedback from training courses ensuring remedial action plans are in place for improvement when required.
  • Overall responsibility for the learning management system

Program Management:

  • Lead the design, development, and implementation of training courses.
  • Responsible for the fulfilment of all external awarding body requirements.

Team Development:

  • Lead, mentor, and manage the training manager, clinical lead for training and associate medical director for training, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high quality training services
  • Ensure all staff have an annual appraisal and personal development plan.
  • Provide regular feedback and performance evaluations for team members.

Budget Management:

  • Responsible for the training department's expenditure budget, ensuring maximum ROI and cost-effectiveness.
  • Responsible for the training department’s income target working closely with the head of business development

Additional / ad hoc duties as required to meet the needs of the business.


What we’re looking for

We invite applications from candidates who can demonstrate:

  • Drive and self-motivation, with the desire and commitment to succeed, deliver excellence and make positive change;
  • Relationship building, with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to quickly build rapport;
  • Collaboration, able to work well with others across diverse backgrounds to share information, develop skills, and deliver results;
  • Resilience with the ability to persist and adapt;
  • Smart problem-solving and analytical abilities, with a curious and inquisitive mind, and an openness to new ideas;
  • Professional integrity and a respect for company values.


Other requirements





  1. Teaching and Assessing
  2. Leadership
  1. Business Development
  2. Registered health care professional / FREC 4 or above.
  3. Rescue
  4. Internal Quality Assurance



  1. Teaching and assessing
  2. Leadership and management
  3. Business Development
  4. Budget management


  1. Training services leadership

Knowledge and skills

  1. Excellent organisational skills and attention to detail
  2. Excellent communication skills Values based leadership